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If you need advice as to which spell is best for you or if you have already placed an order please contact us at info@witchcraftmagicspells.org.


"My life changed when I found Marcy and her coven for the first time many years ago. I was having issues at work all while caring for my elderly mother so to say I was stressed out was an understatement. With help of a business spell everything changed from me worrying about getting fired to receiving a promotion and getting the raise and bonus I needed to care for both my mother and myself properly. I love witchcraft magic spells and recommend them for anyone in need of big changes in their life."


"There is no one else on this planet that could have helped me the way that your coven did! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I was skeptical in general but after a tarot card reading you did before my spell was cast, I knew I found some very talented and gifted people. My reading had information that no one could possibly know so I decided to take the next step and have a love spell cast to get my husband back. My life was in a stage of upheaval and I just wanted normalcy again. My husband became an VP at his company and started making a lot of money but with that came company parties, more traveling and of course women. He started having an affair with a woman 20 years younger than him. He left me and the kids with very little financial resources and tried to put all of our problems on me. I took responsibility for my share of the issues but it wasn't only me that was the problem. I did not think that the relationship was fixable but you did your magic (literally) and he had an epiphany. The girl he was dating stole a bunch of money from him and it caused him to rethink his decisions. He came back to me with his tail between his legs but I didn't take him back right away. He had to prove to me that he was serious and was not going to give in to temptation again. It took a few months of 'dating' but we ultimately got back together and I got my family back again. I HIGHLY recommend witchcraftmagicspells.org if you are having relationship problems. They make a big difference!"


"The feeling in my home is much more calming and relaxing then it ever has been now that the house protection spell has been completed. Prior to that there was a negative feeling that I could not shake and it was causing me extreme anxiety. Everything is good now and I know you will make sure it stays that way with how supportive you have been."

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"When I found witchcraftmagicspells.org I was a mess. I was ready to give up but something told me not to and to search online about relationship problems and how to solve them before I threw in the towel. I'm glad that I did because not even meaning to, I stumbled upon this website when looking up psychics and witches. I had no idea that a service like this existed. My boyfriend of 4 years left me for another woman and I did not know how to function without him. It happened fast and without any warning which was the difficult part about the whole situation. I immediately felt drawn to the website and decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose at that point. I ordered a customized love spell because my situation needed some special TLC. Exactly 47 days later a mutual friend of my boyfriend and I called me to feel me out about getting back together. I almost fainted when I heard that because I yearned for it for what felt like forever. Marcy told me not to jump back into a relationship right away so I took that advice seriously and made him work for it. We went to couple's counseling and I also did individual counseling as well which really helped. I feel so much better now that we are past that horrible time and I know we are in a good place because of that spell. It has really helped us work through our problems instead of fighting all of the time. Witchcraft magic spells changed my life and I would recommend them to anyone going through relationship issues. Marcy is the best!"


"I'm sending you this review to publish on your website because you guys are the BEST of the BEST when it comes to spell casting! I experienced bad luck for 5 years straight and your spell changed everything in my life in a good way. I won a big jackpot at the casino, the love of my life came back to me, I got a promotion at work and was able to finally buy a house. Compared to where I was at before is like comparing night and day. I'm so happy when I wake up everyday now. THANK YOU!"


"I did not think that there was anyone on earth that could get my fiancÚ to stop drinking. His addiction to alcohol spun out of control and he refused to get help no matter who asked him to. We even had a family intervention which wasn't successful. I was ready to end the relationship if something didn't change. Having the no more alcohol spell cast was a last ditch effort to help him. I noticed a shift in his drinking almost immediately. There was actually beer left in the refrigerator at the end of the night and then he stopped buying a 24 pack everyday. It reduced to a 12 pack and then a few weeks later it was a 6 pack. When it went down to a 6 pack he told me he was working to quit all together but needed to do it on his time. I encouraged him but did not talk to him about it much because I didn't want to pressure him per Marcy's advice. About a month later he went several days without drinking beer until he told me he was done with it entirely because he wanted to marry me and start a family. I'm beyond thankful for the help witchcraftmagicspells.org gave me. You literally saved my family from destruction and death. I will always hold your coven close to my heart for that reason!"


"I hope this review finds you well. You have made my life so much easier with your jackpot lottery spell. Winning the lottery was a pipe dream that everyone wishes for. I am grateful for the win that came my way after years of playing and only winning a few dollars here and there. When the day came where I won $500k I was able to pay off my condo and have some savings. I feel more comfortable now and will be able to retire any time I want to. Having financial peace of mind is priceless and its something I have never had in my life!"


"Hi Marcy. My two daughters are doing GREAT in school again! I was worried because as you know at the beginning of the school year they were both failing classes and I was beside myself. Your school spells really turned things around for them. Thank you for helping my girls become more focused again!"


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"Your keep away binding spell worked very very well on my ex. He was always texting me about stuff I posted on social media even though I blocked him and his family. I knew he was watching what I was doing from afar. I did not want to involve the police but he started scaring me so I had a spell cast to get him to move on. It worked! He started dating someone else and I stopped having problems. It made me feel safe again so thank you!"


"I have always fluctuated with weight my whole life and could never keep it off. That is what lead me to have the 50lb weight loss spell cast. My doctor was trying to get me to have weight loss surgery but I wanted to try this first. It helped decrease my appetite and gave me more energy which resulted in me getting more exercise. I feel like I am finally on a good path again and the weight just keeps coming off!"


"I'm so happy that I had the love binding spell cast when I got back together with my ex. Our relationship is so much closer than it ever has been and we are communicating better. He has become the man I always wanted him to be and its good stuff!"

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